Awards aplenty in our first year of Young Enterprise

NOVEMBER 29, 2016 / Articles


Congratulations to Westmount's four Young Enterprise teams, which all reaped in the prizes in the regional awards. In addition, one enterprise was selected for the national finals. These are significant achievements for a school that is new to the competition this year. Students have embraced the challenging programme, which requires them to develop and execute a business plan. 

Apollo Coffee, Kaipara Campus

Regional Winners for Northland, National Award for best website. The team also won a place at the national finals.

Apollo Coffee operates in a very crowded space, but these entrepreneurs also know that there’s a great opportunity for a product that is genuinely ethically sourced. Apollo has a traceable supply chain, and is giving back not only through fair trade terms, but by providing educational materials. The company also markets everything a café needs to sell coffee, including machines, grinders and cups.


Zero Ice, Auckland Campus 

Regional award for Business Management

This unique business sells ice in big blocks that last. It also sells ice buckets, glasses and tongs. Team member Mitchell Macintyre says market research conducted with the hospitality industry indicated there is a big need for a long-lasting ice, and potential for added value with different arrangements inside the ice.


Tocal Gifts, Tasman Campus

Regional Award for Measurable Difference and Local Initiative

Team members Dion Hamilton, Finley Beatson and Seddon Smith have developed a successful business based on sourcing premium local foods, including Pics Peanut Butter, Moutere Fruits and Mountain Valley Honey.


Fuel Good, Canterbury Campus

Regional Award for Excellence in Commitment

Fuel Good is a very different kind of enterprise. It aims to sell products that inspire personal thoughtfulness and feeling good. 50% of its profits go to Starship. Its main product is a washing basket, and the frames are made by members of the business. It sells directs to homes and to commercial customers. One of the founders, Britteny Bruce, believes there is heaps of potential for the basket.