Initiative to enhance artisan culture impresses YES judges

JULY 10, 2017 / Articles

Congratulations to the Foundry Collective which won the Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme regional award for South Auckland at a Dragon’s Den event (Tuesday, 18 June).

Feedback from the event indicates the Foundry Collective team, which is made up of Year 13 students from Westmount Auckland Campus, performed outstandingly well.

The students themselves are surprised and humbled by the win, according to Beatrice Stanners, who is Head of Marketing. However, she acknowledges they have been working hard for it.  

The business idea is to connect artisans with buyers across New Zealand through an online community and ecommerce portal. Foundry Collective aims to support artisans by taking away the pressures of marketing, and also fostering collaboration.

The target consumers are defined as stylish, appreciative of NZ culture and high-quality handcrafts, and environmentally aware. 

The students’ attention to detail is impressive, including a well defined quality management rubric to filter products.

In creating their headquarters, the students have taken inspiration from entrepreneurs who started out businesses in their garages. Low-tech touches include a large sheet of “brown paper” hanging from one wall, which tracks the artisans they have approached after reconnaissance at markets in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

The first artisans on the site are now being finalised, and with the help of $1000 in prize money, the team is preparing for the website launch in late July. Each artisan will have their own page displaying their products, brand story, and unique value proposition.

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About Young Enterprise:

The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme encourages ideation and innovation, and provides foundation business skills for the next generation of business leaders. 

Westmount School began participating in YES last year, with the Apollo Coffee team from Kaipara Campus making the national finals. We have high hopes for teams from across New Zealand to also be among New Zealand’s best young entrepreneurs in 2017.