Living and learning with values

MAY 02, 2017 / Articles

Emma Leyland, Campus Principal – Northland, explains the approach to connecting values and behaviour

An area of focus for Northland campus has been to transform the School Values into a set of observable, measurable and positively stated behavioural expectations.

The underlying principles are that:

  • Behaviour is not good or bad. It serves a purpose because it pays off in some way and is weakened or reinforced by what happens after. If you want to support a child or young person to improve, you need to understand the relationship between the behaviour and its purpose.
  • Children and young people thrive positively when they know someone cares and believes in their success, when they know what is expected of them, when they are stimulated and challenged, and when they experience success – however big or small.
  • Children and young people can be resilient, and can do well despite adverse circumstances. Teachers support the development of this resilience.

Staff, students and the community have collaborated to define the behaviours that embody the values. The results are now displayed, referred to and taught in all settings of the school. The matrix is not fixed, and will be open to ongoing improvement and change.