Young Enterprise Scheme tests our business potential

MARCH 10, 2016 / Articles


Year 13s are excited about the opportunity to participate in the Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme.

While it’s new for our students, they have the skills and aptitudes needed to be successful. They are self motivated, collaborative, and focused. They have been studying the functions of business through our Career Advantage Programme (CAP), so have a good working knowledge of the finance, production, sales, and marketing processes they will be tested on. Being in a competition against other schools, they will have an opportunity to benchmark their skills, and build networks.

Students in our Kaipara, Auckland, Tasman and Canterbury campuses had their first experience of YES at regional E-Days held in recent weeks. At these events, they got to pitch their initial ideas to a range of businesspeople in speed coaching sessions. They got some great feedback, including at the Whangarei E-Day: "What an excellent day we had. Right from the start, the students were commented on for their smart uniforms. They took control by walking confidently down the centre of the room to the front row and proceeded to add to the day with enthusiasm and involvement. The final prize of the day was awarded to them and the presenter said 'I can’t wait for them to present their Business Plan and ideas. They are so enthusiastic and well prepared already'.”

Next step is to set up companies, assign responsibilities and develop seed capital.  The focus is on being prepared for a professional pitch in the first Dragon’s Den events in May.