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Innovative New Zealand Private School

We aim to provide an inspirational teaching and learning environment that enables creativity and independent learning

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In March, Westmount School proudly hosted a Conference and Masterclass led by Sugata Mitra and Sir John Jones.

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Latest News

Westmount School is proud to develop innovation in New Zealand education. Working as a collaborative professional team, our teachers can provide the very best learning experiences for every student

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Self-directed learning

• the teacher as guide on the side
• students learn from many different sources, including each other
• students drive their learning experiences
• develops self-confidence, perseverance, initiative and accountability


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We encourage students to develop their full potential and acquire the discipline of learning how to learn, while upholding Christian teachings and beliefs

Video Conferencing

The use of up-to-date video conferencing equipment for campus-to-campus communication and specialist subject teaching broadens the subject range and makes best use of our resources

The Learning Centre

• a space that students use during their studies
• a space where students learn through doing
• an open space with few fixed partitions
• a space designed to be as flexible as possible

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Celebrating Success

The Magic Weaver Awards

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  • What our teachers are saying: Excellent facilities provided for teaching and with highly committed kids to teach - K.L.
  • What our teachers are saying: Oh my goodness we are so fortunate with our facilities. - J.C.
  • What our teachers are saying: Huge opportunity for collaboration with colleagues from all around New Zealand. - J.G.
  • What our teachers are saying: Amazing inspirational, motivated and creative team to be a part of! - S.P.
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